Landmark Accounts, Inc.

by Collection Agency Information

Landmark Accounts, Corporation.

1010 W. eighth St., Suite 1
Anderson, IN 46016-2660

Landmark Accounts, Corporation.

Landmark Accounts, Corporation. is definitely an Indiana collection agency. Indiana debt collectors might help companies, medical practices and facilities which are creditors to gather their . might include , telephone calls, credit confirming to credit agencies and court proceedings including legal cases.

Just like any business, if you’re thinking about employing Landmark Accounts, Corporation. to gather your financial obligations, you need to contact their Bureau and appearance their references.

You ought to be sure that Landmark Accounts, Corporation. is following the (FDCPA), the primary law that adjusts debt collectors. You won’t want to damage your status or produce a liability for you personally business using a dishonest collector.


You could also wish to discover when the Indiana Attorney General has had any pursuit against them for privacy violations or otherwise following collection agency rules. It’s also wise to know that they’re in compliance with all of Indiana collections laws and regulations including (although not restricted to):

  • Indiana & Certification Rules
  • Indiana Statute Of Restrictions
  • Indiana Rates Of Interest (to prevent usury)
  • Indiana Wage Garnishment Exemptions
  • Indiana (NSF)

Landmark Accounts, Corporation.

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