1. OSCAR says

    How would the collection agency know your work place address – unless you have given it to them?

  2. Tropicalfishaquariumusa yahoo says

    Some collection agencies are still out of control and try to get away with violating US Federal Law. First go to and look it up. They cannot call you at work. Then save a copy and Contact the creditor in writing and tell them to only contact you at your home address. If you are curious about any debts you are aware of or possibly unaware of go to the and pull all three of your free credit reports one time per year. Contact the to see if it legal for a creditor to contact you in any way at your work. If you have a lot that is owed there are reputable debt management companies who can help. Pay off highest interest cards first.

  3. latoya j says

    if you didn’t give them that information they don’t know and that is to much information for you to give the address you sould give them the address to your home or your

  4. Dan B says

    The only thing that can be sent to your workplace is the court order garnishing your wages. Legal to send the bill to your work address? Probably not illegal. But your work address may send it back or give it to you. I’m thinking that the collection agency is trying to intimidate you by letting your employer know about your financial mess. That is illegal if they disclose anything about your debt other than an official court order (FDCP Act). However, if that is the ONLY address they have on you, then by default, you have given them permission to send correspondence to the only address you have given them. The address the bank has on you might not be legally given to the collection agency (I really don’t know what info the bank can give out).

  5. nobu says

    No need to apologize. Thanks for the update. Ya'll are in our thoughts & prayers daily. Take it day by day & remain postive. Would you email me your home address? We would to send Melanie & the family something. Thanks
    I read this sentence in a book,
    “No life is more secure than a life surrendered to God”.
    Lots & lots of Hugs & prayers from Florida
    Kim & Ricky Donald
    (Barbara & Dale Epleys daughter & son in law)
    God bless