NCO Financial Systems

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NCO Financial Systems

NCO Financial Systems
507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044

NCO Financial Systems is division of a very large collection agency conglomerate, the NCO Group. It is one of the largest debt collectors in the world. On the NCO Financial Systems website it states, “NCO’s debt recovery and credit collections solutions help business process by increasing recovered funds, supporting client to customer relationships, and improving overall bottom lines. Our debt recovery and credit collections solutions successfully serve businesses in virtually every market segment, including financial, health care, education, government, utilities, technology, transportation & logistics, telecommunications, and commercial.”.


NCO Financial Systems

NCO Financial Systems marketing website says, “We interact with debtors on the telephone and by letter for debt recovery and credit collections. Telephone attempts are made as often as necessary to deliver optimum results and continue until contact is made or until accounts are deemed uncollectible.”

NCO Financial Systems site goes on to say, “Our integrated predictive dialer maximizes telephone contact efficiently and economically. The call management technology of the dialer provides seamless integration with NCO’s debt recovery and credit collections system software. The dialer automatically manages the flow of inbound and outbound calls for debt recovery and credit collections.”

NCO Financial Systems

Following are some complaints filed against NCO Financial:

Pissed Consumer Complaints

Complaints Board Complaints
“NCO Financial Fraud”

My3cents Complaints
“Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations”

Junk Debt Buyers Complaints
“The company does big business each year by purchasing old debt loans and then trying to collect on them, sometimes illegally.”

Stop Collector Complaints
“When it comes to debt collection agencies, NCO Financial Systems is the insatiable beast that regularly dines on unwitting consumers.”

NCO Financial Systems
NCO Financial Systems website states, “NCO delivers results to clients by designing, implementing and managing a wide variety of accounts receivable management solutions for the financial services, healthcare, commercial and retail, technology, telecommunications, education, utility, and government sectors. Our customized solutions increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and offer a dramatically increased ROI.”

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