How can I get a collection agency to agree to take a item off my credit report?

I’m searching to obtain my credit rating in greater shape to ensure that i’ll buy a house. I made offers with a few . I said excitedly i’d pay entirely if they’d conform to accept pieces from my file. They did. however, there is a assortment company that might be really being persistent about operating beside me. I additionally said excitedly which i would pay entirely if they’d remove it my file. They pointed out they couldn’t do this. How can i encourage them to comply with remove it my credit rating file basically pay entirely? My credit rating went unhealthy once i divorced. Any advice might be appreciated. thanks!

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  1. progunr says

    In most cases, items cannot be “taken off” you credit file.
    If they are paid, they will be marked paid as agreed or settlement paid. The only way items do not appear on your file at all is after 7 years of no reporting from that creditor. If someone told you that an item was “taken off” I think you should obtain a copy of your three reports and verify what they told you.

  2. cybereagle03 says

    I used to work for a collection agency, and let me tell you, you will be better off to take that offer to the company you actually owe the debt to. Tell them that you made the same offer to that agency and they refused it, they will either bypass the credit agency, or call them and tell them to take your offer.

  3. sailorman says

    1) First, when dealing with credit stuff, refuse to communicate with any creditor unless it’s in writing. You will need the documentation.

    2) Protest the report through the credit AGENCY who has it (e.g. Experian). Do this in writing. This starts a legal process which I cannot bear to summarize here. But it shifts the need to act onto the reporter. You will need to do this for all threee major agencies.

  4. ghildruf says

    I used to work in a credit correction department for may company. if we got a request for removal of true items we couldn’t touch them, but if a letter came from a lawyer, it went to a different department and usually got removed. I suggest that you get a lawyer.

  5. mrs.luca says

    If they are adament about not taking the mark off your credit, the reporting agencies associated with the credit reports will allow you to include an explanation to attach to your file. Prospective creditors will be able to see this explanation, and may be more favorable towards your situation as you tried to resolve it and the collection agency was being particularly stubborn in working with you.

    If you still want to work it out with the collection agency, make sure all correspondence is in writing via Certified Return Receipt mail as proof that you tried to work this out. Requests in writing hold more water than calling in and trying to haggle with someone making minimum wage who does not care about your future goals.

    Hope it works out for you!

  6. kara says

    I had to do the same thing when we were trying to fix my husbands credit to buy a home. If I had any problems after I paid in full, I called or went online and filed for an investigation within the credit reporting agencies to have the item correctly reflect the outcome of the debt.

  7. Studly says

    First, this is to progunr. Please point out where in the law you are referring to. Your information is wrong.

    Lets get one fact straight. The credit reporting bureau reports what creditors/collection agents tell them. If it’s not accurate, it will be removed.

    If the creditor tells them to remove or change an item, they will do it. Do not believe any other crap they tell you, it’s not true.

    The credit bureau will not remove any item that is true (ie, verified with the creditor). That means that if you send the credit bureau a complaint, the bureau will contact the creditor and “verify” that the report is accurate. If they say it’s accurate, then the report will stay. But you can place a comment in your report disputing it.

    The credit bureau does NOT investigate whether the information is actually accurate. They only report what is told to them.

    Therefore, if the creditor tells the bureau that the report is not accurate, and that it should either be removed or verified, they will do it.

    The only other way to get the report changed or removed involved a lengthy process of letter writing, validation, complaints, threats, and sometimes a call from an attorney.

    That is why it’s so very, VERY, important to get IN WRITING an agreement with the creditor to remove the listing once the bill is paid. After they get the money you no longer have any leverage with them.

    Now…as to your question about makign them make a deal with you….

    Why are you even messing with a collection agent? Unless that agent purchased your debt outright, you have no legal obligatin to even talk to them. So contact the original creditor and see if they want to deal with you.

    If not, what is the point of paying them? Your credit will still be ruined. Tell them to take you to court. If the debt is small (under $500) they probably won’t go through the time and expense.

    My battle cry! You are about to go to war! Do not fight these guys unarmed! Knowledge of the law is your only weapon! Read the links below, it will show you exactly what you need to do when dealing with these guys.

    Contact me if you need any further advice or support.

  8. Credit Guru says

    Studly again is right.

    The 3 credit bureaus are simply repositories and clearing houses for information from, courts, public agencies and creditors that you do business with (or have done business with) They are regulated by law as to what and how they report items. Any item you believe is being incorrectly reported you have the right to dispute.

    Deal directly with the original creditor if possible.

    Good Luck