Can the collection agency and the original creditor have seperate items on my credit report for the same debt?

There is a debt i have for a payday develop position and they are indexed on my credit score record. also the gathering agency the debt was despatched to is indexed on my credit score record. Now i have two different pieces indexed on there for a similar exact debt. Is that criminal? What should I do? And is it criminal for that collection agency to not allow me to pay in complete?

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  1. Dana M says

    If you’re attempting to pay the debt, they should be willing to work with you on paying it, whether you make it in installments or a single payment. If you offer to make payments and they demand the single, ask them if that is company policy or if they are just refusing to accept a payment from you on an attempt to pay the debt. I’m willing to bet they won’t be saying no to you, as that can be held up in a court of law that they refused to take your money. They want that money too badly. Just point out that you cannot pay the full amount at once and would be willing to make installments on the debt. Debts are sold between different collection agencies (if they’re not paid) and the same debt may be listed on your credit report several times, depending upon how many times the debt has been sold, without removing any of the prior. With the double listing you mention, there should be a way for the original creditor’s listing to be removed since they’ve sold the debt, or at least marked that the 2 are the same debt that has been sold to a collection agency. Unfortunately, they’re all to ready to list it on your credit report, but aren’t as zealous about removing it once paid.

  2. Marc Chase says

    They are both allowed to report it, but the original creditor has to mark it as zero balance. Then if the Second one sells it, he has to mark it as zero balance etc etc

    While this is a lousy practice, it does have a potential for you to challange and have it removed.

    Watch the “date of last activity” on these. The DOLA starts 30 days from the last payment you made and should never change.

    Collection agents like to change that date starting from the day they bought it. That is illegal, its re-aging and you need to watch for it.