Can a collection agency hit your credit report before notifying you in writing?

Can a collection agency hit your credit file earlier than notifying you in writing? This dull collection agency negatively hit my credit file without even shiping me anything else! I had to call them and have THEM ship the stuff out!

is this right? How can they just hit your credit file without providing you with the chance to dispute it?

how long before collection agency reports to credit bureau, can business report you to a credit bureau if they never sent you anything, does a collection ageny have to notify you before they report to credit bureau, when a company sends you to collection agency when is th ecredit bureau notified


  1. stan c says

    When the collection agency bought your account, they also bought the papers you signed stating they will run a credit report on you.

  2. Truth B says

    First the account that wrote you off to collections would show on your credit report. A collection agency is hired by a company that has already contacted you and is already on your credit report. The company you owe shows that they sent it to a collection agent. If the collection came out of no where and you were never notified then I’d suggest that you speak to the collection company first. To clear your credit report you will need to contact one (if not all ) of the big 3 agencies and ask it to be removed. It is fruitless to think about incorrect process when you know you were written off to collections. Inaccuracies on your credit report have to be dealt with through the credit bureau.

  3. phius lacketta says

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